Math League 获奖率63%丨热烈祝贺玮希学生在美国“大联盟”数学思维探索活动中取得优异成绩!

Congratulations to our students on their achievements in the 2018-2019 Math League! 54 WES students took the preliminary exam and 34 passed, reaching an above-average pass rate of 63% (Chinese national average = 50%). All of them are qualified to attend the second round in February 2019. We wish them all the best for the next exam.


Honor Roll of Distinction Certificate: 5 students

Honor Roll Certificate: 10 students

Certificate of Achievement: 19 students




The Math League Contests are designed to build student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems. Over 1 million students around the world participate in Math League Contests each year. Every contest has questions from different areas of mathematics, suitable for the grade level indicated. The questions range in difficulty from straightforward through moderate to challenging. Many students first develop an interest in mathematics through problem-solving activities such as these contests.


The 2018-2019 Math League involves students from grade 3 to 12 around the world and successive good results will be helpful for students when they apply for key high schools and universities across North America.


The great German mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss once stated, it is not knowledge, but the act of learning, not possession but the act of getting there, which grants the greatest enjoyment. Let’s enjoy the fun of mathematics!