WES Choir Shines on Stage丨玮希合唱团走进湖南音乐厅

Invited by Hunan Performance Group, WES Choir performed at Jieni WAN Piano Recital on August 24th, 2019 in Hunan Concert Hall. As one of the four choirs selected from Changsha City, WES Choir has been given the center stage to shine. Our music teacher and lead teacher of WES Choir, Ms. Clarissa, assumed the role of Conductor of the Joint Choir. Working in harmony, the children and teachers gave a great performance to the audience.

2019年8月24日晚,受湖南省演艺集团邀请,长沙玮希国际学校合唱团登上了湖南音乐厅的舞台,参与演出“万捷旎钢琴独奏音乐会”。作为全市参演的四支合唱团之一,玮希合唱团的孩子们身着校服,神采飞扬,妥妥的C位!音乐老师兼合唱团带队老师Ms. Clarissa更是担任大合唱的总指挥,带领着孩子们圆满地完成了一场精彩的演出。

This was the first piano recital of Jieni WAN in China. Embracing the theme “Impression of China from Musicians of East and West”, Jieni selected many masterpieces to illustrate the integration of different cultures in music. Changsha WES Academy as the first and only international school in Hunan, with its students and teachers coming from more than 20 countries and regions, meet here in China with different cultural background and integrated in harmony with the rich Chinese Culture. This happened to coincide well with the idea of Jieni’s concert.


At WES, music, arts and sports lessons are equally valued as other subjects. Balanced is an important attribute for IB learners to achieve personal well-being for themselves and others. What students are learning through music, sports and arts will greatly enhance their understanding and achievement in other subjects.


Let’s get to know our specialist teachers!


The Music Department brings together music professionals from around the world:

  • Ms. Clarissa Soto comes from the United States. As the director of WES Choir, she likes to focus on the continued growth of students and the development of music program.
  • Mr. Markus Bauer is from Austria. He has rich experience in teaching music history, music theory and singing.
  • Ms. Terry Saez comes from the Philippines. Her lively teaching style is well received by the students.
  • Ms. Cici Yang majored in erhu with piano and vocal minor. Her dance production has won the first prize of a dance competition. She has been awarded as Outstanding Teacher.
  • Ms. Memory Chang started her studies in music since childhood. Holding a Master degree of Vocal Music Performing Arts, she succeeded in getting many of her students admitted to key universities in China.


  • 来自美国的Clarissa老师, 作为学校合唱团领队教师,特别注重学生成长需求和音乐课程开发。
  • 来自音乐圣地奥地利的Markus老师,拥有丰富的音乐史、音乐理论和歌唱教学经验。
  • 来自菲律宾的Theresita老师,其生动活泼的教学风格,深受学生喜爱。
  • 主修二胡,辅修钢琴、声乐的Cici老师,所编舞蹈曾获舞蹈比赛一等奖,并被评为优秀教师。
  • 自幼学习音乐的Memory老师,作为声乐表演方向硕士,其所指导的学生顺利考入全国各大重点高校。

Now let’s meet our talented PE teachers:

  • Mr. Tapas Chattopadhyay is from India. He has 18 years teaching and coaching experience. He has served Saudi Arabia National Cricket team as head coach.
  • Ms. Debika Sing Chattopadhyay, certified cricket coach from Australia Association of Cricket, has more than 15 years’ teaching experience in different education systems.
  • Mr. Mark John Thompson is British. He is qualified with coaching badges in football and rugby. He has experience with coaching football and a variety of sports to all ages.
  • Ms. Yura Yu is qualified with high school teaching certificate. She values developing students interests and habits in sports.
  • Mr. Kiin Wu majored in Aerobics with football minor. He is also a certified National Level II basketball referee. He’s passionate about sports and PE education.


  • 来自印度拥有18年体育教学与教练经验的Tapas老师,曾任沙特阿拉伯板球队主教练。
  • 拥有澳洲板球协会认证资质的Debika老师,具有在各类国际学校15年以上的体育教学经验。
  • 来自英国的Mark老师,具有足球和橄榄球教练资格,拥有多年针对各年龄段的体育教学经验。
  • 持有高中体育教师资格证的Yura老师,特别注重学生运动兴趣和运动习惯的培养,倡导“运动快乐,快乐运动”。
  • 主修健美操的Kiin老师,拥有国家篮球二级裁判员资质,其阳光开朗的个性深受学生们的喜爱。

Sharing a common belief in education, a group of gifted and diligent artists gather at WES:

  • Mr. Mark Anthony Hudson, British, is a qualified teacher for 20 years teaching both Art & Design and Design Technology. His current work encompasses printmaking, sculpture, installation art, book arts and photography.
  • Mr. Francois Pretorius comes from South Africa. He is an experienced art and design educator, practitioner, and a certified UX designer.
  • Ms. Bonnie Liu has experience of working in international schools at home and abroad. She is experienced in teaching students from early years to high school and in co-teaching with expat teachers.
  • Ms. Sophia Li specializes in oil painting but is also good at teaching all kinds of traditional painting. She is a member of Hunan Young Artists Association and a special painter of Wuxi Painting and Calligraphy Academy.


  • 来自英国具有20年艺术教龄的Mark老师,涉猎范围囊括版画、雕塑、图书、摄影等多种艺术形式。
  • 来自南非的Francois老师,不仅是一名经验丰富的艺术教育工作者,而且是一位用户体验设计师。
  • 曾任教于国内外多所国际学校的Bonnie老师,拥有幼儿园至高中所有年级的丰富教学经验和中西双师授课经验。
  • 擅长教授各类传统绘画的Sophia老师,目前是湖南省青年美术家协会会员,无锡书画院特聘画师。

To better prepare our children for the real world, we should provide them with many different outlets and opportunities where they can learn and succeed. Music, arts and sports are three such streams. With the benefits they represent, they should be a mandatory part of education. Enjoy some beautiful melodies, appreciate those lovely colors, and do some exercises – they will help shape the young minds of our students!