PYP Candidacy丨进步不止步:玮思学校正式获得IB PYP候选资格!

喜讯!祝贺长沙县玮思学校(玮希双语部)成为IB PYP候选学校!

Congratulations! The Bilingual Section, namely Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy, has officially become a candidate school of IB PYP.

获得IB PYP候选资格,既是长沙县玮思学校前进路上的又一里程碑,展现出我们在教学层面不断追求卓越的精神,也是一个新的起点,标志着玮思正式进入候选学校运营阶段。

To achieve candidate status is another major achievement for our school and shows our ongoing commitment to realizing teaching and learning excellence. This also marks a new starting point for the Bilingual Section as we formally enter the candidate phase of PYP.

What is IBO 认识IBO


The International Baccalaureate Organization is a non-profit educational organization that was established in 1968. The IBO aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

What is PYP 认识PYP

IB PYP课程项目针对3-12岁学生,以探究式学习为特色,通过六大超学科主题,为学生提供探索未知世界的框架。在跨越学科的探索过程中,学生会理解一些重要的概念,获得基本的知识和技能,树立良好的学习态度,并且学会承担社会责任。

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework designed for students aged 3 to 12. Through its inquiry-led, transdisciplinary framework, the PYP challenges students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore local and global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts.

Bilingual Section 中西融合 双语特色


The Bilingual Section was set up in 2015 to enroll local Chinese students. It prepares our primary and middle years students for entering the international high school programme. This is done by conducting the compulsory national curriculum within the structure of the IB philosophy. It integrates the international methodology and framework of IB, and offers various featured courses and activities to encourage independent learning. It features small class sizes and bilingual teaching through inquiry-centered learning activities.

Our Strengths 对比传统 优势在握


As the only real bilingual school in Hunan, the Bilingual Section represents several advantages over a traditional school: we implement international course and teaching methodology, we have a comprehensive school schedule, we ensure bilingual education, we use small class-size, we conduct inquiry-based teaching and learning, we value ability training rather than rote memorization.

IB Philosohpy IB理念 坚定践行


According to IBO, candidate schools must spend at least two years toward full implementation before applying for authorization. Throughout the candidacy period, all teachers in the bilingual PYP division can gain access to the IB programme resources and teaching materials. The IB will also provide us with continued support. We believe this will allow us to create a richer learning experience for our students.

我们将在积极探索中西融合特色教育的同时,全力贯彻IB教育理念,为获取IB PYP的正式认证作出不懈努力。

In the process of pursuing authorization as an IB World School, we will keep working on the integration of the national curriculum and the IB philosophy.

PYP协调人寄语 Coordinator’s Message

We will always be looking at the future development of our students, explore good practices of international education in the process of implementation of IB, and further contribute to the integration of international education with local situation.

Ms. Icey Tang