Star Reader Awards丨悦读之星就是你!

Books are the nutrition of the whole world, life without books, as if there is no sunlight; wisdom without books, just like a bird without wings. ― William Shakespeare


Today is the Wolrd Book Day and the Star Reader Awards are officially launched at Changsha WES Academy!


If you love reading and are willing to share the enjoyment of reading, this will be a great opportunity for you to be a reading role model!


By taking part in this event, you will earn a point for your house. The winners will be awarded 10-20 house points , and will have the opportunity to win a book gift card and a mystery prize.


Time 活动时间

2020/4/23–2020/4/30 4pm

Who can participate 活动参与对象

Students of Changsha WES Academy长沙玮希国际学校全体学生

How to participate 活动参与方式

Please make a short video and post it in your WeChat Moments with the following caption: ‘I am participating in the selection of the Star Reader Awards of Changsha WES Academy. I need your support!’ In the video, you can:


either recommend your favourite book and explain why; or


share a quote from the book that impressed you the most and explain how it enlightened you.


Please make sure that your content is linked to the IB learner profile.


Based on the video content and the number of received comments, we will select:


悦读人气之星(10名) The Star Reader Popularity Award

Please invite your friends to  like and comment your video in WeChat Moments (the comments should be healthy and positive). Send  the screenshot of the likes and comments to Wechat account (ID: cwaoffice). Please keep this post in your Moments as the Committee will need to verify the number of likes and comments afterwards.


悦读分享之星(10名) The Star Reader Sharing Award

Based on your performance in the video, the judges will select 10 winners for the Sharing Award. Try to express yourself fluently, be motivating, act naturally, and share your unique insights… You’ll have great chance to win!


Read, also share the joy of reading. Be a lifetime reader, also be a lifelong learner.