Charity Auction丨慈善拍卖:善心,善行,你我同行

On November 22nd, the G11 and G12 students jointly organized a successful charity auction to help the children in need in rural areas.


2018 to Longshan and 2019 to Kaihui, our high school students have brought their attention to the education issues in our nearby rural areas. In between their busy workload in preparing for exams, they volunteered teaching there. They understood the extraordinary hardships the children have to face in their life and were impressed by how the children are eager to learn despite the limited resources and opportunities. As a caring action, our students decided to raise funds to give them their support.


The students visited every homeroom in the school to tell their fellow schoolmates about the children’s experience and to collect items for auction. To make the auction a more formal event, they did a lot of preparation – photographing and numbering the donated items, preparing the PowerPoint presentation and getting ready some props, fine-tuning and practicing the lines of the host of the event… they even planned four performances to add more fun to the auction.

同学们走访了一年级到十二年级的每一个班级,为他们讲述那些贫困学生的经历,也向他们征集用来拍卖的拍卖品。为了让拍卖会看上去更加正式,他们给拍卖品编号定价和拍照,准备了PPT和各种道具, 主持人反复背稿……同时,为了让整个活动更加丰富有趣味,他们还特意编排了四个节目穿插其中。

Everything was carried out during their spare time. Of course, the students have met with troubles and difficulties in the process as this was the first experience for them to be fully engaged in such kind of event. However, we are glad to see that they were able to solve problems and learn from it.


We received lots of positive response from our parents and students. They provided student paintings, tea sets, and ornaments from home. The younger ones brought their exercise books and stationery items. After the auction ended, the parents praised highly the efforts of the students and expressed support for us to continuously promote the caring attitude on campus. We believe that the children in need will feel the love from the WES community.


During the coming winter break, our teachers will head to Liye Middle School in Longshan County to hand over all the funds (approximately 15,000RMB) collected in the auction to the selected children and their family suffering from poverty.


Their smile will be the inexhaustible driving force for us to continue in charity cause.


A caring mind and an act of kindness could influence greatly on one’s life. We hope that we can help more and more people.