Our First Football Match丨足球友谊赛:以球会友 筑梦绿茵

Playing Football & Making Friends


This Monday, the WES senior football team had their first match against our neighbor school – Changsha County Experimental Middle School.


This was an opportunity for the young players of both schools to show their skills and teamwork spirit on the field. The match was quite intense with both teams working hard and creating chances. Excited about playing, our senior students played with a lot of passion. The audience were also very enthusiastic and cheered for all of the players.


At the end of the match both teams shook hands and ended in good spirits and with good sportsmanship.


Both schools have given all their support to the competition. In the future we will be organizing more activities between two schools to help create a interactive learning community.


The students all enjoyed their first match as a team and look forward to many more in the future!