2019 Winter Concert of Primary Years丨音为有你,乐耳动听

Music is a universal language.

It brings us closer to one another,

Music is a key to the heart.

It conveys the best holiday wishes.

This December, WES Winter Concert is getting underway.




=The annual Winter Concert allows to showcase the many talents of the students. Event 2 was scheduled on the evening of 11th December for primary students of both sections of the school.


Sleigh Ride

Do Re Mi

Little Snowflake


Shining Moon & Fireflies

La Bamba

"Once An Austrian" & Dance


When I Grow Up

Samba Barucada

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Feliz Navidad

At WES, every student had the chance to perform on the stage. By combining the musical skills taught in the music program and the creativity and passions of everyone together, the Music Department organized a concert that brought laughter and cheerfulness to all parents. The joy of performing and listening to music connects us across cultures and across time…