Fire Drill丨守护安全 我们在行动

In order to further enhance the fire awareness of teachers and students, and to improve the ability to respond to emergencies, we carried out a fire drill on the morning of December 13th.


At 11 am, the fire alarm went off. Led by the teachers, our students immediately escaped from the building following the evacuation route, with their nose and mouth covered with a wet towel. It took about 4 minutes for the whole school to assemble on the sports field. The fire drill was successfully completed with our joint efforts.


In addition to the fire evacuation drill, an ‘inflatable smoke tent’ was set up on the field to simulate a fire situation. It allowed our students and teachers to get familiar with the correct practice to escape and to save oneself in a small and dark space when there is a fire.


Later on, the fire officers offered to the fire extinguishment team and first-aid team of the school a training on fire-fighting and CPR skills.


Safety is the priority for everyone. By conducting expected and unexpected fire drills in which everyone participates, we lay a solid foundation for a ‘harmonious campus and safe campus’.